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where do i get it, and can i make a new Desktop [cmime] service book ... General Blackberry forum

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    where do i get it, and can i make a new Desktop [cmime] service book with it?
    thanks jeff

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    This, I'm guessing:
    Quote Originally Posted by MAJORAHOLE
    i can do that on boost mobile?
    also, how do i text or sms anyone? i wiped my handheld and lost all service books, i read something about regenerating an encryption key??
    how do you do that
    Get the Blackberry data plan (though, realistically, you can't with Boost). They exist for a reason. Without access to a Blackberry APN (provided by the Blackberry data plan) you won't be able to do anything, service books or no. If I take my BB, with it's valid service books intact, and remove my Blackberry data plan it won't do anything other than voice calls and SMS.

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