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what exactly is this feature and what's it do?... General Blackberry forum

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    Reconcile Now....


    what exactly is this feature and what's it do?

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    I'm pretty sure that's only relevant when you're on BES. It'll delete the messages off the server that you've deleted on your handheld. If you're on BES it does this automatically, but you can do it immediately with that feature.

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    RoGro, that's correct. It immediately syncs your BES server and handheld emails in both directions instead of waiting for it to happen automatically.

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    I'm not saying that's not true or anything, this is just an experience I had and may be coincidence- Last week on my way home, I went through a part of the road where I didn't have service for about 45 minutes. When I got service again, I hit reconcile now and about one second later it said I had a new email and text message. That may have been coincidence when I clicked it, but I'm leaning more towards it works with BIS also... Correct me if I am wrong...
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    I agree that it works with BIS too. When I delete mail, I can choose to delete on phone only or on the server too. When I use the reconcile now command, it immediately checks for new mail and deletes those chosen emails off of the server.

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