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it seems that debate could rage forever. It boils down to personal preference. I have ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType


    it seems that debate could rage forever. It boils down to personal preference. I have used both and they both have thier ups and down. So, take a coin out and flip it and there is you're answer.
    Having the latest electronics, not priceless

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    Very interesting chat.I have an 8700 as my main phone but am sorely tempted by the Pearl.I also own a 7100 picked up very cheap from Ebay.Anyway earlier today my 8700 browser and mms services stopped working and after spending endless hours on the phone to T mob they decided to exchange the 8700 tomorrow.

    So tonight the 8700 phone is awaiting collection and I have little choice other than to get used to suretype.Now whilst i dont profess to love suretype or indeed to be that quick on it I am noticing a gradual increase in my speeds.How long does it take of constant use before it really improves in prediciting your words


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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    As a new BB user with a 7130c I find that at first it was frustrating, until I challenged myself to be patient and learn it. With a new mindset, it only took a couple of days. Now I'm really enjoying it as I was used to one handed cell phone use, and I can use my BB one handed and type messages even faster thanks to SureType.

    So I'm glad that I took the time to learn it. I'm really enjoying my new BlackBerry!

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    i have the 7290 and i like the qwerty but i have also played around with suretype and i actually like it because its not hard to learn and im also 16 so i learn easily and its smaller and you can use it one handed but i guess its user preference but i like both

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    just to clarify

    Joe Allen said:
    i have never used the suretype. is it like using a normal cell phone? i hate having to push a number 3 times to find the letter i want.

    SuzzyP said:
    yes that is exactly how it is. so frustrating to hit the wrong letter when your trying to type fast. Then you gotta go all the way back and fix it... YUKKY.... lol
    this reply is completely false (regardless of postcount). to clear the air, as many people (including myself) are new to BB and use this forum as a valuable research tool.

    sureType has 1 or 2 letters per key. you only have to press each key once. 99% of the time sureType will figure out what word you want. The margin of error ends up being the same as anyone would have on any input device: cellphone qwerty or laptop qwerty.

    the ease of use is amazing. i hope sureType stays around. the pearl is amazingly easy to enter text on (with ONE hand after an hour or so of practice).

    the amount of misinformation concerning suretype is astounding. especially from people like cnet reviewers who bash it after 5 minutes. anyone considering a pearl should definitely try it for themselves before committing to a more cumbersome device.

    its funny to see the 8800 constantly referred to as "more businesslike" because of the full qwerty keyboard. business people are too clumsy to use one hand?

    as stated before, entering urls / form elements / non-english words is slightly cumbersome as you need to switch to multi-tap. multi-tap is far superior to normal cellphone entry as only some keys have 2 letters and others have just one, yet is arguable inferior to qwerty.

    reasons why pearl suretype is inherently superior to qwerty.

    - keys are larger.
    - Most keys have more than one letter
    - close layout allows single hand operation.
    - large close keys allow less travel between key presses.
    - keys sharing letters often allows for NO travel between key presses.
    - less movement between keys allows for less room for error in pressing wrong key and also allows for exponential increase in speed.

    The above does not take into consideration freakishly large thumbs or one's personal inability to adapt to a new device.

    its like comparing what is better for composing a piano melody: that big rollout keyboard thing tom hanks was jumping around on in BIG... or a one octave midi controller.

    but ofcourse it is all personal preference...

    do you want a bunch of tiny keys spread out all over the place on a space hogging slab or tightly placed large multifunction keys with incredible non-invasive predictive assistance on a svelte wafer?

    as a side note? who the heck can do anything on those miniscule Treo keys? oh my gosh!

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    i have a 8700c and i'm looking around youtube google etc .. to see what is better a qwerty or sure-type .. I'm buying a blackberry pearl soon and will keep my 8700c for the future .. i have been doing a lot of research on the pearl and sure-type and want to give it a shot

    - macjason0607

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    I'm having trouble sorting the Suretype after a day of using it. I wish the 8103 had a camera; I would trade the Pearl in for it.

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    QWERTY vs. SureType is just like MAC vs. PC!!!

    Neither side will ever win .

    Full qwerty for me though, hehe.

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    I've used both QWERTY and SureType and I prefer QWERTY. I'm currently using an 8130 but got my start w/ Suretype on the 7105. SureType really pisses me off sometimes like when I'm pissed at someone and wanna text fu** but it comes out duck. I'm typing all fast like "what the f**, how could you f***** do this to me" and after i send it it come out w/ all ducks. Whatever.

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    To me, QWERTY is easier to use in most cases, like when I send a text to a friend and say words that aren't in the dictionary..
    Both a pro and a con is that you ahve to spell the word right with SureType.. which is good for formal things but somewhat annoying for a text to a friend
    But when it comes down to it.. I had a sidekick and then went to the Pearl.. and the size of the Pearl vs. the Sidekick is definately worth the loss of QWERTY, you just have to get used to SureType

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    Re: Qwerty or SureType

    qwerty by far
    My Pin # 301AD045

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