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Hi If my device missing some old emails but it's appear in outlook pc, doing ... General Blackberry forum

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    quicky question from newbie: backup/restore



    If my device missing some old emails but it's appear in outlook pc,
    doing wireless reconcile wont help. (ON BES)

    if i backup the email data in pc with desktop manager, and replace the existing data on device, will it show's out the missing old email as well ?

    do i need to do anything on device or just replace the data straight away?

    as the outlook sub folder show's plenty of mail but in device sub folder does not show out anything.

    please advise
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    I am new to BB device and BES...

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    First, welcome to Pinstack!

    Wireless sync won't synchronize older messages. If there are any of those you want on your Blackberry, just forward them to yourself.

    From the Desktop Manager, you can do a Backup/Restore for your device. Anything that you save in your backup can be restored to your device, including your emails.

    You mention you use Outlook, which likely means your company is using BES, or Business Enterprise Server. Put simply, it just means that your Blackberry can sync wirelessly or via cable (you chose which) with your corporate email account, calendar, tasks, etc.

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