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hi, i currently have a i355 with a black falkon sim card for nextel. i ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quick BlackBerry question


    hi, i currently have a i355 with a black falkon sim card for nextel. i am wanting to get a blackberry but the phone is issued through my work. if i was to purchase my own blackberry and transfer my sim card to it would i have to sign up for blackberry service?? i dont want the blackberry service but i would still like to have one. would this work and if so which model would it work with?? any help would be greatly appreciated! thankyou in advance

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    Re: Quick BlackBerry question

    Pretty sure you will need a totally different SIM.

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    Re: Quick BlackBerry question

    Hi dn, welcome to pinstack.

    The BlackBerry phones with Nextel take white and yellow sim cards. We wont go into discussion whether or not you should or should not use the correct sim, because your question is about the data plan.

    Here is how it works. Sprint-Nextel is implementing a script that will run each day and find BlackBerry phones that do not have a data plan on them, and it will automatically add the plan for you, without even asking your permission, legal, yes it is.

    Your question may be how will Sprint-Nextel know that I have a BlackBerry is my sim is from a different phone. Well thats simple, when you transfer your sim card there is another script that updates the serial number of what phone your sim card is in, and will update the type of phone as well.

    So bottom line, if you switch your sim card then you have a 90% chance of being charged the data plan. And all of this is not something I have made up, I speak from experience. Not only a user, I am an employee of the company.

    If you have any further questions please let us know, and feel free to contact me anytime. Good day.

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    Re: Quick BlackBerry question

    dnjbeachfam, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if you have any other questions about the BlackBerry Experience.

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    Re: Quick BlackBerry question

    do your self a favor, if all you want is good quality voice service by all means stay with nextel, but if your looking for a good low cost data plan switch carriers.

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