You know how you push a button to talk to someone instantly?
Well now there's an app for that, I just discovered one through App World.

The app is called Push2Talk. $4.99 USD
Link to App:

Here is some information about the app.

-Push2Talk allows you to use your Blackberry® Smartphone as a walkie talkie.
-One Time Fee
-Push2Talk uses Blackberry® PIN messages to communicate, however, Push2Talk does not simply record voicenotes and send them after they are recorded, Push2Talk uses an advanced algorithm to transfer your voice while it is being recorded, simulating a real walkie talkie feeling and performance.

-Push2Talk allows you to send messages of 10 seconds in length at a time, and thanks to its unique algorithm, Push2Talk can transfer your messages with very small delays, only a few seconds in good connection conditions.

-Push2Talk overrides the left side convenience key, which works as a Push-to-Talk button. No other function should be associated with this key for Push2Talk to function properly.

-Be advised that Push2Talk transfers messages at a rate of approximately 15 kilobits per second, so unless you have an unlimited data plan, or on a Wi-fi connection, using Push2Talk can affect you data allowance.

Once I get a PayPal account with money in it, I am going to buy this app!