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okay.... I've only had my curve for only a month .. and 2 wks ago ... General Blackberry forum

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    problems wit my curve



    I've only had my curve for only a month .. and 2 wks ago I was in my sound profile (normal) and was changing ringtones to my sms and mms and ect I was going down the list and next thing you know my phone shut off like i turned it off. I did it 4 time ans still did the same thing . every time i got to my list of ringtones and try to pick a song it cuts off i called tmobile and they told me to backup my phone...i did,then i had to update the software....that worked (i think) THENNNNNN i restored my stuff back on my phone Because the lady told me to and it started all over again. THEN i called tmobile back and they sent me another curve....NOW THIS ONE IS DOING THE SAME THING! help ! what do i do? i have tried to wipe my handheld and i dont think thats working. please BB msg me ! i need help 2426f44f

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    Re: problems wit my curve

    same thing on both phones thats strange.

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    Re: problems wit my curve

    can you play the songs. It could be a weird glitch in the mp3 itself.

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