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    Hi all,

    Is there a way to have your old messages be copied to your phone? What happened is I skipped a day of messages. I did not have space for new messages. After the next day the next messages that I recieved are on that day. thanks!

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    Re: Populate Message

    Are you saying that because your phones memory was so full you were not able to recieve any current messages? Then once you cleared your memory you now want the messages that you think you missed?

    If by some miracle this what you mean and I actually understood it (I have a hard time sorting out things like this sometimes...its like those horrid story math problems) then what has usually happened with me is that when I cleared out my inbox those messages that were not able to come in are kind of floating out there waiting. They then come in when space is available. HOWEVER!!! I have never gone a whole day before. Usually just a few hours. It may be possible that after a certain length of time the messages expire and you will never get them.

    Also as far as I know, there is no way to get them once they expire. I do not believe that cell companies, at least not mine that is keep them in a hopper.

    Hope this helped you.

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