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Hello everybody. Sorry for my english! I pass by a treo 680 a BB 8320 ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question PocketPc ---} WinMobile --} Palm --} Blackberry ???


    Hello everybody. Sorry for my english!

    I pass by a treo 680 a BB 8320 and I have many doubts. He devotes time to read before translating my concerns in this post, would appreciate the help of those who can guide!

    1-It is as confusing as it sounds really matter? Bis, bes, books, etc.? Or when have contracted the service is all more dynamic?

    2-Surely if I change hiring a service BIS. When I consult with my provider (cti-Argentine) tells me that the package is unlimited email and Internet browser from BB. This means that if, for example. Sailing with the opera mini what is consumed outside the BIS plan? Or for example google maps, docs, calendar or to see some soft climate, all this comes or not within the flat rate?

    3-the team that I am going to buy is a curve 8320 of t-mobile USA, and see and t-mobile gives me the code to unlock it, but I have two consultations on this subject:
    - Once unlocked the only team I put the sim, and is configured sms, mms, bis, all automatically?
    - When leaving the updated OS, which I do with the updated t-mobile or my provider or there with some version free?

    4 - I have seen here that by Rim to post for download clients for msn and other messengers and wanted to know if the utiizacion this tambian goes inside the fare BIS or outside?

    5 - The discharges do in the bb so online (photos, videos, music, soft ,...) are covered by the flat fee BIS?

    Since already agradezo and I apologize for the abuse of so many questions together!

    I hope you can help me, greetings

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    Re: PocketPc ---} WinMobile --} Palm --} Blackberry ???

    Welcome to the stacks Paul!

    Here's a link for Blackberry terms.

    BIS=Blackberry Internet Service
    BES is usually for companies who have many blackberry users.

    Tmobile has an unlimited data add-on package that will give you the unlimited email and Internet you desire. Using Opera will be part of the data and will be covered as long as you have the data plan.

    Tmobile gave me my unlock code. You might have to be with their service for a while (3-6months?) and in good standing before they give it to you. Once unlocked, you can use it with another provider. I believe the sms, mms, and things should be set up. You will most likely need to resend your service books.
    Updated OS - you can search this site for links to the most up to date. Or leave the one that is from Tmobile on the phone.

    Hopefully your other questions will be answered by someone else.

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    Re: PocketPc ---} WinMobile --} Palm --} Blackberry ???

    Mlin13, first of all I very much appreciate your interest to help me and came to apologize for my English.

    I communicate with t-mo and I will give them an immediate release of the code because the phone is for use in Argentina. In Argentina I will hire a service BIS unlimited.

    Thanks again and I hope that they can continue helping to define if I step to BB


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