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~~Posted via BB ( 1. Software 2. Definately, an expansion card slot would improve productivity ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: contest #6 - Ultimate Giveaways


    ~~Posted via BB (
    1. Software
    2. Definately, an expansion card slot would improve productivity by allowing users to maintain email attachments permently if needed.
    3. The expansion slot would probably be the best improvement RIM could make. Or the possibility of saving email attachments.

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    Re: contest #6 - Ultimate Giveaways

    Now closed. Winner poll will be added tonight or tomorrow.

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    Re: contest #6 - Ultimate Giveaways

    1.) Software - the BB already has power on this field, yet like any business driven user (or even for personal users) the ability to enhance the capabilities of one's BB is always a must. Aesthetics can follow, i would rather teach my BB to wash clothes rather than to teach it how to apply the perfect eyeliner or whatever.

    2.) i would, $50 is a small additional for a feature that could maybe expand the life or functionality of your berry. Memory has always been a factor. rather than giving up your berry that you love so much and getting a new one because your berry can't hold anything anymore, it's more practical to load additional memory and extend the berries usefulness for the next... year maybe?

    3.) additional features? hmmm... maybe RIM could have an option where all data pass through a dedicated users server for.. hmmm... free data use?? hehehehe but aside from that, i guess a camera or an mp3/FM player would just be perfect.

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    Re: contest #6 - Ultimate Giveaways

    1) Themes- Its always amazing to see what people are doing with Plazmic and sharing. my mind is always changing so its good to have the option.
    2)I would pay more for an exapnsion in the memory whether its a slot or internal. an sd is always good for upcoming software ex: Video players, mp3 etc.
    3)A CAMERA!

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    Re: contest #6 - Ultimate Giveaways

    1. Themes. At the end of the day, software & ringtones depend upon too many different variables to satisfy everyone, but themes can be pretty non-intrucive and tend to be something that you'll add even if you don't love it -- just because you want some variety.

    2. Memory expansion is a must. I think RIM must consider killing off the Moto Q before it gets good footing. A thinner, device that gives the added benefits of say a SLVR but still all the great features of a BB is competition killer. And would make life simple for the rest of us. Why? 1 Device. Nuff Said.

    3. A Media Player that will play iTunes Music & Video. But I guess that is already here now. Fresh!
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