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Does anyone know of a free app that will allow me to read/reply to bb ... General Blackberry forum

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    PIN messaging on computer?


    Does anyone know of a free app that will allow me to read/reply to bb messenger messages on my computer? It would be amazing if pidgin/adium supported it, however I can't find a client for it.

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    There is no PC client. I doubt there ever will be one also. Since it's all RIMs servers, RIM would have to develop and release it.

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    Or someone would need to reverse engineer the BBM modules, reverse engineer the communication protocol to RIM's servers over the network, and hope BBM communication isn't inextricably tied to other types of device to RIM communications. Alternatively, reverse engineer the BES to RIM communication protocol which can carry PIN messages from BES devices.

    Possible? Yes. Has anybody done it? No. Even if someone had accomplished that, that's the sort of service people are willing to pay for, so I don't think it would be a free application.

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    PIN messaging is one of RIM's patented technologies. Long before there was any thought given to making BlackBerrys available to the public, the target market was large scale enterprise and the government. Security of mobile communications was of utmost importance. Thus PIN messaging was created. One could only activate & use a BlackBerry on the BlackBerry server system. There was no BES or BIS choice. There was simply the BlackBerry service via their own proprietary system. Once established and having secured the lion's share of that market, RIM then set out to create the BIS system so as to be able to sell it to public carriers, which in turn made it possible to sell BlackBerrys on an individual basis to the public. With the advantage of having a phone capable of sending text messages, email, and chat, RIM has no reason to open up the PIN system.
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