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    PIN Message Question


    I work for a large company, and we are setting up different methods of communicationg in preperation for Disaster communication, and I, being the one in charge of Blackberries am aware of email, SMS, Messenger, PIN etc capabilities of the Blalckberries, we have several from the 7250, 7139, 8103, all told about 125 users. We use BES server located in our corporate offices that is tied to our mail servers for Outlook Exchange. Here is my question, --- is it possible to create a mass user group of just PIN numbers for PIN messages without having to enter each and every one, sort of ike a distribution list, and how could this be accomplished when composing a PIN message from the Blackberry unit itself? Any help or sujjestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: PIN Message Question

    Here is a quick way of doing this, someone else would have a different idea Im sure. Create a list of names and pins, then email that list to all users. The users can then store the list in there memopad, and click on the pin to initiate a message. The list could look something like this:

    cp6169 34c3hh3b
    n2netr 28uj2803

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    Re: PIN Message Question

    You can create Groups on the BB. As long as all group members are added via their PIN's you can PIN the group.

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