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    Question PIN Message Delivery - a strange problem


    This is one that has had me stumped for a while, and the users bring it back and ask periodically, so I thought I'd throw it open for the 'Stack to consider.

    BlackBerry #1 is based in Greece

    BlackBerry #2 is based in Holland

    BlackBerry #3 and #4 are based on different wireless networks in Australia

    BB#1 and BB#2 can PIN between each other.
    BB#2, BB#3 and BB#4 can PIN between each other

    BB#1 can PIN BB#3 and BB#4, however BB#3 and BB#4 cannot PIN BB#1. This included messages, plus delivery reports to messages that came from BB#1 to BB#3/4.

    It would appear that something is blocking the traffic originating from Australia directed to Greece, and as traffic from Holland is getting through to Greece, I'm guessing it's on the Australian end of things.

    I guess my question is: who would be responsible for this - the Australian carriers or RIM?

    Thoughts welcome - I can provide more specific config details if requested.


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    I'm just guessing here but I'd say it's RIM's servers.

    to my understanding the BB data stream is routed through RIM's servers. now what does not make sense about this is, why would RIM limit communication through their own servers??

    maybe they just don't want aussie's talking to the rest of the world lol
    I dunno
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