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1 :-how can i find out if a bbp has had the PIN & IMEI ... General Blackberry forum

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    Pin & Imei


    1 :-how can i find out if a bbp has had the PIN & IMEI already registered?

    2 :-if the PIN & IMEI have been registered already, can they be reregistered if i do not have the previous regristration details?


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    Re: Pin & Imei

    I assume you are talking about setting up a BIS account.

    First you can call the original owner/seller and ask if they have closed their BIS account. If not, they should contact the carrier and close it. Canceling phone service isn't good enough. You can also try setting it up in your BIS account. If it says the PIN is already in use then you can assume it is in use elsewhere.

    If it has been used and the origianl owner refuses or can't be contacted, the carrier might help as long as the account was up to date and the device was not reported as lost or stolen.

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    Re: Pin & Imei

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    Re: Pin & Imei

    1. Sure -- try to set up a BIS account. BIS will tell you if there's already an account associated.

    2. Nope. You'd need to contact the carrier of the BIS account associated with the BB.

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