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I'm on AT&T on a Family Talk plan with my brother, SIL and mom. We ... General Blackberry forum

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    I'm on AT&T on a Family Talk plan with my brother, SIL and mom. We share 1400 anytime minutes, have over 4,000 roll-over in bank, I have unlimited data (BB) and 200 text and my share of the bill is $45 (USD). Total plan is about $180/month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkai2188 View Post
    About... Taxes turn out to about 20%. Florida state taxes are 6% but everyone knows that's not all you pay. Sometimes I get hit for some 411 calls and stuff because my girl doesn't realize she has the internet on her phone that can search for these things, lol

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    That is funny. If she doesn't remember that she has the net on her phone then maybe she'll remember that she can use 1-800-FREE411 for free. Actually, calling FREE-411 is often faster than finding the number on a website, anyway.

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    I thought cellular service was cheap in the US. I don't feel so bad.

    I pay $60 per month for the following

    250 Daytime Minutes
    Unlimited Evenings and Weekends after 18h00
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    2500 Text Messages Out
    2500 Text Messages In
    Free Rogers to Rogers Calling Across Canada
    1000 Long Distance Minutes in Canada
    Voice Mail
    Call Display
    Name Display
    Visual Call Display
    Who Called (This one sucks)
    Call Waiting
    6 Gig Data Plan with BIS

    Mind you, I have been with the same provider for 20 Years. When I started, Rogers was called Cantel. My first cell phone was a transportable and I upgraded to the Motorola Brick Phone.

    I paid my dues.

    $60 (tax in) seems like a bargain compared to what you guys pay. Fortunately, most of my calls are incoming so they are free. I average 4500 minutes per month and 60 Meg of Data.

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    at&t family plan 1400 minutes
    1st 2 lines 89.99
    2 more lines 9.99 each
    unlimited family texting 30.00
    bb personal plan 1 line 30.00
    170.00.........gez hadn't really thought about it

    thanks guys! lol

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    Family Plan 1000 whenever min w/ unlimited m2m
    Unlimited Family msg
    Equip Protection, both lines
    1 extra line
    Blackberry Data Plan
    Total Monthly - $150 (w/taxes)

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    Cell service is expensive, but we don't have a landline so I guess that helps.

    AT&T Family Plan
    - 1 BB 8310 (Mine) with full data
    - 1 BB 8100 (Wife) with no BB Plan

    Family Talk 1400
    - Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (Within AT&T)
    - Unlimited Nights / Weekends
    - 1400 Anytime Minutes
    - Rollover

    $68.00 for my line (after discount), $9.99 for second line

    Unlimited Family Text Plan - $30.00 (Use about 6000 / month between us)

    Unlimited BIS Plan for me - $29.99

    Before Tax - $137.98

    After Tax and Fees ~ $150

    We just upgraded to the 1400 minute plan after being on the 450 min plan and burning through all our rollover we had accumulated. Probably going to downgrade to something in the middle as I don't think we need quite so many minutes.
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    Ihave 2000 mins with my faves unlimited data and text and my bill per month is around 32.00(usd) gotta love having a girlfriend who is a tmo rep ~via BB (

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