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I was attracted to the Blackjack by the ads on TV and its small form ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack


    I was attracted to the Blackjack by the ads on TV and its small form factor, and used one for 7 weeks on at&t/Cingular. Browsing was nice, and the speed of the 3G network was nice, but battery life truly sucked. I'd leave it on the charger overnight, and half of the next day at work, and still run it to 55% by early evening.

    Bluetooth was a pain, in that you couldn't auto-connect to 2 devices (one at a time of course). When I used the headset then got into the car and wanted to start using the built-in bluetooth handsfree, it was a 2 minute menu exercise to select the other device to use. Then, at my destination, another menu exercise to select the headset again. PITA!

    And rarely did it make it through a day that something didn't go haywire, either bluetooth not working, not able to use the browser, not able to receive or send mail. Re-boots always cleared it up, and became almost a twice daily thing.

    The Curve has about the same form-factor, and just works, just like my Mac! Windows in all forms leaves something to be desired.

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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack

    yeah idk why i love the blackberry pearl but something about the blackjack makes me want to try it you know?

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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack

    Definitely try other devices. It's best to choose based upon first hand experience and not spec sheets, hearsay, hype, etc.

    We tested out a Blackjack to see if it would be a suitable device for our environment and found pretty much what we expected from a WM device (mainly unstable). The poor battery life on 3G was another major minus. It didn't help any that we already have a Blackberry infrastructure in place. Additionally, our users are all familiar with BB's so we would have to take on the cost of training them. We also anticipate that a switch to WM will require an increase in support calls which are currently very minimal with BB. Currently only 2 of our staff members support several hundred BB's that we have deployed. BB support is only a small part of their duties.

    Of course, a lof of this isn't relevant in your case -- I was just pointing out why we didn't go with it.
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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack

    I believe that most of windows mobile lovers only like it because it's windows and is familiar.

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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack

    BlackJack isn't bad. I prefer the T-mobile Dash. It has wifi and is a little easier to use IMO. WM phones are OK. I always switch back to one every few months. There is a ton of customizations and edits. Also the list of SW is crazy. The one thing I don't like is that you can't run alot of apps at once. You always have to go into the Task Manager and kill unused apps. Or have a program that can kill an app when you exit, instead of just leaving it to run in the background.

    Also, the keyboard on the BlackJack and Dash aren't the best. They have a little lag if you are typing fast. I can be annoying.

    Other than that, I would say give it a shot. We'll always welcome you back...yes you'll be back.

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    Re: pearl vs. blackjack

    Dropped my Pearl once....on the got a tiny scratch and kept on ticking! Tried WM once and didn't like the way, as dasupaman23 said, you have to constantly go to task manager to get out of a bunch of apps. It also crashed a lot and got to be a pain so out it went. I like simplicity. I have a MacBook and a Pearl...they both work as expected and provide all the techyness I need! (Is techyness a word?)

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