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Originally Posted by EricaJ1073 I own both and still say that, for durability (lack of ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricaJ1073 View Post
    I own both and still say that, for durability (lack of crashes, locks up, slow devices, etc) the SK beats the Pearl (which I have had 3 of in one year). I just went back to my SK after poor email and data performance of my Pearl and the need to save money on my bills.
    True my pearl is buggy as hell and I have to reset it every other day, but then again I am heavy user. Memory leak problems galore as well as other blackberry devices, but blackberry is starting to acknowledge this problem and future devices seem to have increased memory like the upcoming sprint curve

    I like the sidekick the only problem is the carrier. As someone once quoted on this board "I dont even bother calling my friends on T-Mobile cause half the team they dont pickup not cause they dont want to cause they cant" hehehe

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    I can't believe the Dash made #3!! I owned one.....what a clunker.

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    Lol we use thousands of them and haven't had one trackball issue yet. If 75 percent of 8830's had defective trackballs they would be pulled from the shelf
    Quote Originally Posted by rok8man View Post
    I am thinking maybe they judged the phones from the business perspective side and not the personal use side. My work uses the verizon 8800 series and seems like almost 75 percent have had trackball failure within the first couple of months. I am still lucky with my pearl.
    Yes, I've been diagnosed with Phantom Vibration Disorder.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wxboss View Post
    I can't even believe that the T-Mobile Wing is on there not to mention that it made #2.
    The T-Mobile Wing isn't a bad phone, it has Wifi, Bluetooth, and also has a nice keyboard. The only thing that it can't do is multitask. The wing is better than the I-Phone. Once the iphone has an external keyboard, it will be the best phone on the market ever.

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    Curve 8320 here and viewing my username
    you can see i used to have a Dash.
    The Dash is a spiffy little device too.
    It just gets stuck and slows waaay too much.
    BUT The Curve is AWESOME!!!!!!!

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