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Hello, is there any tool to manage the passwordkeeper on the blackberry from my desktop? ... General Blackberry forum

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    Password keeper


    is there any tool to manage the passwordkeeper on the blackberry from my desktop? Or is there a possibility to send a file to the blackberry, in which all my passwords are implemented and can be imported to the password keeper.
    Problem i have is, that i need my password on my desktop and also on my blackberry. So i´m searching for a solution to get these password synchronised with the blackberry and also with my desktop.
    I have an 8700 on a Blackberry-Enterprise-Server, so i cant use des Blackberry-Desktop-Suite, because this is destroying the enterprise-activation. If i´m doing that all mails are sent to my mailbox, to my blackberry and also a send-acknowledgement to my mailbox again. So i need a solution without the Blackberry-Desktop-Suite.

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: Password keeper

    Welcome to Pinstack!

    Sounds like you might be looking for something like this:

    More solutions here:

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    Re: Password keeper

    Mini Safe is a neat little app. I have used it a few times here and there. I have no need for passwords to be synced so Im fine using the password keeper, but I do understand what you are asking for and many of those apps listed above can do that!

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    Re: Password keeper

    ~via BB (
    Check out Splashdata's SplashID. I've been using it for the past couple years and it has a desktop app that can be used to sync between your BB and desktop.

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