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    Palm downloads


    While I am pretty certain that the answer is "no", or maybe even, "no, how could you even imagine that to be the case", I need to know for certain if you can download a Palm information database to a BB. I have a membership in Priority Pass, a worldwide airport lounge pass system. They have a Palm download of their directory that I had on my old Treo. Is there anyway that Palm database downloads of this type can be done to a BB?

    I did a search for Palm and downloads and came up with nada. Again, if the answer seems blatantly obvious to you, it is not to me.

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    Re: Palm downloads

    I don't think so but a lot of the Travel systems have the same thing for BBs. You might check their website.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Palm downloads

    if you are talkin about putting .prc, .pdb, .pqa, .oprc over a bb ,its not yet possible ,only .cod file can be put as application..
    and ,if you jave jar files , i can help u i guess..

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