hi there, i have a pearl on o2 uk which is on pay and go.

I purchased the 7.50 web bolt on which i thought would give me access to mobile web, my friend also has a bb on o2 uk and purchased the web bolton and everything on his worked fine. Unlike mine.

The only difference is he is on a pay monthly tariff, simplicity from o2 its called.

o2 launched both web boltons on the same day for both pay and go and pay monthly customers. I've tried ringing o2 customer services many times but no one can give me a straight answer, i dont think they know the difference themselves.

I think with pay and go customers they only give you access to mobile wap whereas with pay monthly they get in actual fact for the same price mobile web.

Before o2 had the new web bolton i used a widows mobile device on pay and go. Everything worked fine on that but i had to change the default wap port from 9201 i think it was to 1080 or 8080. in order to get http. i also had to change some registry settings to force the handheld to load a .pac file which returned the o2 proxy address.

Is it possible to do the same thing with my pearl ?

I know loading a pac file is probably normal configuration for server administrators, when deploying security polices or something cause i'm pretty sure its needed on intranets n the likes of that. im hoping its possible that if i delete the service books and enter the tcp settings, and have it load the pac file, then this would give me web access. Sounds good in theory eh but would it work ? so would it be possible to change my policy to include a pac file ?

If not is it at all possible to edit service books or create custom ones ?

I'm not looking to get full use out of my pearl, all i need is the ability to browse the web, pref with opera. I don't need email and the likes, my curve takes care of that.

I already have 2 contracts on o2 one with blackberry services. So taking out another contracts is a no go, I tried and they said no. They wont even allow me the simplicty sim card which is a 30 day contract, even though my bills are always paid on time, but i do have a great deal on pay and go so i would rather stick with it for now.

If anyone can help or even just provide some information that you think may be useful then it would be greatly appreciated.