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can you view or control outlook draft folder from the blackberry... General Blackberry forum

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    Outlook draft folder


    can you view or control outlook draft folder from the blackberry

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    Re: Outlook draft folder

    I don't believe so. I have never seen the option to do that anywhere. You can save drafts on your BB, but not see Outlook's draft folder.

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    Re: Outlook draft folder

    no you cannot. as already stated, you can saved drafts on your bb but you cant mess with the drafts folder in your outlook.
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    Re: Outlook draft folder

    Drafts on Micro$oft Outlook is called a "Special Folder" by M$. You could think of it as being "not sent" and "not received" information.

    Here's a way to work around this issue. When you're composing an email you can't send right away for some reason, send it to yourself at whatever your Outlook email address is. When you want to work on it again you can do this from your BB device.

    1. In messages, go to Folder View, and choose the "Sent" folder.
    2. Find and open the message.
    3. Open the BB menu and choose "Edit"
    4. Open the BB Menu again and choose "Add To:"
    5. Enter email address of the person you really wanted the message to go to.
    6. Highlight your own email address and delete it.
    7. Edit the message as necessary.
    8. Send the message.

    This is also a pretty good way to create "email templates". You can save the message so it will always be available.

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