I wanted to confirm before I made some changes. If I remember correctly I have 3800 appointments in my Outlook and the BBs at this time. It seems to take longer than I have patience to wait for it to synchronize the computer and BBs. I want to always retain the appointments in Outlook. I can live with only having 60 or 90 days on my BBs. Can someone please confirm the correct way yo make sure that happens. I have Outlook setup to auto archieve every 30 days at the 90 day setting. Does the new BB desktop from TMobile take that into account. I do not want to accidentaly delete my older Outlook appointments.

How exactly does the keep appointments 15/30/60/90/work? Does it only do it on the BB? will it also erase older appointments in Outlook? Is there another setting to change in Outlook or in the Desptop manager or on the BB.

Thanks everyone