Hi Folks,

I have a few POP accounts checked by my gmail so I can get everything in one place... its nice. And then I have my gmail account setup on BIS for my BB. I also have those POP accounts setup in gmail to send mail from my gmail account (so it looks like I am initiating messages from the POPs, but I do it all within gmails built in settings/options).

Alls well until it comes to initiating a new outgoing message on the BB. It seems I can only get it to come from the gmail account, and I am unable to select an outgoing POP account on the BB like I can when using gmail.com.

Any tips on how to take care of this? If I respond to an email that came to one of my POP accounts through gmail on my BB then it goes back as if it was sent from the POP account. But, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to set it up so that a new outgoing message on the BB has the POP account info.