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I have been working on my vision of OS 8. In my view, OS 8 ... General Blackberry forum

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    Lightbulb OS 8: Our Vision


    I have been working on my vision of OS 8. In my view, OS 8 will be much more consistent in terms of design, it will have a more simple and modern look with less menus in menus (if you get what I mean). New design elements will be added to make navigation easier and better.
    Please tell me if you like the design, also what else would you add or change from the current version.
    If you want (and I would love it) you can share this on facebook, and twitter =) and maybe we will get RIM to implement these futures/design.
    Please do not copy any ideas, concepts or apps from what has been displayed here. Contact me first.
    By the way, I am just 16.

    I added a new program called BlackBerry Documents

    Next up: App World

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    Very interesting. I like it.

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    This is very nice. If OS 8 looked like this I would buy a Blackberry again.

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    Great work !

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    Wow! That looks very nice.

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    Ask Me
    Very professional, I like a lot of the options here, particularly the camera app, and the swiping up to get the various options this could work in a lot of the different software apps. Having used the Playbook I really like the swiping from the bottom up and the top down to do different things this could be something to look forward to in the future! Good work, keep going you have a very bright future.

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