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I do an OTA google sync backup then sync.... General Blackberry forum

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    I do an OTA google sync backup then sync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jblackfish View Post
    To each his/her own - if "weird things happen with computers" you could have a "weird thing" happen during/with the back up as well. At least you always have the option to view the sync info and decide whether or not to proceed with the sync. Whatever...
    True, but given that syncing is a more complex process (especially when using Add-Ins) than a standard backup, there are more opportunities for things to go wrong. I have been in the middle of a sync and yes there was the option to decide whether to proceed - but given that the computer had frozen, there wasn't any real option for me... and somehow I lost the data I had that I hadn't yet synced. Hence, based on MY personal experience, I backup first.... To each their own
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    I . . well dont sync. . . so I always do a backup first!

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