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A friend of mine is without a phone and needs one with AT&T. I have ... General Blackberry forum

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    Old BB won't turn on


    A friend of mine is without a phone and needs one with AT&T. I have offered her my old BB, an 8700 I believe (the one with scroll on the side). Its been in my desk and never turned on for quite some time. I have it plugged in to charge, but can't get it to take. Does it need a sim card to even turn on or could it just be shot?

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    SIM is not required to power up the phone. Not sure how long you charged it but if the battery is drained it may take a bit before it has enough of a charge to power up.

    Also a chance the battery is bad, you may want to drop by a local store and try a different battery.
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    I would try a new battery

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    Will it come on at all while charging? If so, then the battery is likely bad. If not, then it's a bigger problem.
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