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I have been wondering and wanted some input about Nextel and PTT. First of all ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Nxtel PTT and the construction industry.....


    I have been wondering and wanted some input about Nextel and PTT. First of all a little background. I am a construction superintendent for a large homebuilder and I use my Nextel 7520 to the point that if i leave home and forget it i have to drive all the way back home to get it or i literally cannot function throughout the day. Whether it be communicating with my colleagues or my contractors. Being an admitted tech junkie i am always looking at the new phones coming out from other providers and seeing the available features. I wanted to start a discussion with other people that for business reasons cannot go without thier nextels and what the effects would be of switching to CDMA. I have thought about just cutting my nextel down to just PTT and getting a cingular BB or something to that effect but i also use my Nextel as my personal phone and really do not want to go through the hassle of giving out a new phone number or DC number to my 500+ contacts (or carrying two phones). For this reason I think i am stuck with the nextel. Also my contractors and the rest of the construction industry as im guessing are not going to readily switch to CDMA and for the most part all i have are thier DC numbers. So basically, in your opinion am i SOL? Not to mention what is posted all over this site about the DOOMED future of Nextel.
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    Re: Nxtel PTT and the construction industry.....

    I think people will transition by necessity, but not until. By that time Sprint will likely have CDMA PTT implemented much like Verizon did and simply use phones that have that feature for it. PTT and Nextel have a unique brand-product synonymity which has perpetuated them so happened that construction liked PTT, and Nextel specialized in it and marketed it so well that the two became totally inseparable. I don't think people will care if it's CDMA or iDEN that does it, just so long the brand is there and the function is there. I think they'll circulate a notice and those affected will likely just circulate their number appropriately, transfer contacts to new devices, then get right back to work as usual. It'll still be PTT, and it will still likely say Nextel on the outside of it.

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    Re: Nxtel PTT and the construction industry.....

    If you are looking to switch carriers, you can get a new BB from a different carrier, and just put the data back on the new phone (do a backup on your old phone...)

    Also, if price is a factor or not, I do suggest T-Mobile. It is based on a GSM network thou, so not sure if you are looking for that. It is just 19.99 starting for an add-on to any plan including the fav5 plans...I have a few friends that each have verizon and nextell (verizon one is a personal plan) while two of my assiociates have nextell. They are pretty fed up with the selection of phones, but my nextell budies always have said that nextell gets the job done. Having pretty much every cell phone carrier at some point. I have never been more satisfied with a cell carrier than T-mobile

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