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ok well for the past few days when people have tried to call me, my ... General Blackberry forum

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    no voice mail :(


    ok well for the past few days when people have tried to call me, my phone rings like twice as much as it normally does. and it doesnt go to my voicemail, instead it says "nextel user is unavailable, code 9 something blah blah blah" any help on what i did wrong....i did mess with the call forwarding but switched it back to what it was, thats when this all started happening.

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    Re: no voice mail :(

    ~via BB ( have you tried correcting the call foward settings in Call Log>Options>Call Fowarding and making sure you have the setting on Foward Unanswered calles checked, then see if the phone numbers listed for Busy, Unreachable and No Ansewer are the same as your carrier gave you.

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    Re: no voice mail :(

    Can you set these options on Nextel (thought they were GSM only options)? Sounds like you need to call them.

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