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Hey guys, Alright I just got my RIM BB 7230 today and there was no ... General Blackberry forum

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    No Browser for 7230?


    Hey guys,

    Alright I just got my RIM BB 7230 today and there was no browser.
    we got it Unlocked and the Service is AT&T.
    The phone is T-Mobile.
    I've called 611 many atime and the best advice I've gotten is "go trade your phone in." and I do not want to do that. But here's the funny part. Just a little bit ago (about 20 minutes) I put my phone in my hollster and 2 minutes later I pulled it out to confirm something, but when I looked at the screen it was the browser! I don't know how or why it was there, my keyboard wasnt locked so I thought maybe a hotkey?
    anyway, I know for sure it was a browser because when I clicked the scroll wheel it said "add to bookmarks, go to..., etc." so I closed out of the browser, and now I cant figure out how I got it open.
    My phone has 4.0 Firmware and it says there's a browser in the Applications. but there is no Icon.
    So now I know the browser is accessable. but how?

    Thanks for the help.
    Sincerly, shane.

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    Then I would make sure to do a battery pull. I would register again and resetup email settings. Make sure in options there is a section that asks what browser and choose blackberry. Battery pull again and icon should appear.
    If you need more explicit directions I can do that too or you can use the search feature on and search for lost browser icon.

    ~via BB (

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    Maybe the browser icon is hidden? Go to the home screen and hit ALT + trackwheel. A menu of options will appear. See if "Show All" is checked, if so deselect.

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