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Okay, so I feel like venting... I'm an avid Tmo customer and have been for ... General Blackberry forum

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    Okay, so I feel like venting...
    I'm an avid Tmo customer and have been for a little over 10 years. I've had a variety of phones ranging from Samsung to Motorola to Nokia to Blackberry. I've had a Blackberry since Tmo came out with the 8100. Since then, I've had the 8320, the 8900, and now the 9700.

    My biggest complaint with Tmo is the fact that they nearly never have decent BBs. The 9700 is an awesome device but Tmo has either passed up or been left out of the loop when it comes to "good" devices. The Tour, the Storms, and the Bold 9650 are all good devices. Other than the 9700, what does Tmo have to show since the Curve 8320. Hmm, they've had the BB Flip and the 8520. The BB Flip was a "WTF" type of device that I feel was a failed attempt by RIM(the new clamshell BB looks promising). The Curve 8520 seemed like RIM's "back to the past" edition. It just seemed like a remedial BB to me.

    Now, there comes the future of BB. Tmo has passed on the 3G Pearl, the clam-shell model, and quite possible the 9800. Haven't heard about the 8910 yet. It just seems that Tmo is not attempting to cater to the BB Lovers. What is it gonna take for Tmo execs to try and retain it's BB customers?!?! Maybe it's something that will occur with the possible merger with Sprint(fingers crossed).

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    I agree and disagree. The 8100, 8120, 8300, and 8320 we killer devices back in the day. Now we have the 8900 and the 9700 which are they best BB out to date. The Flip and the 8520 are a low end device that was made for people who wanted a BB without the price. TMO has there head on straight and I can promise that they will pick up some awesome devices down the road. I to have been a customer for years now also and lets put it this way name a carrier that has a better lineup of BB? Verizon has the tour which had major trackball issues and the storm which was sluggish and lack of screen functionality. ATT pretty much has the same lineup a TMO. so I mean they fall right in line with all major carriers for devcies. Now looking towards the future I think its safe to say the TMO will carry so great devices. To me the 3g pearl, and the slider ill pass on. I want to see the storm 3 on TMO
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    I'm just bothered by the fact that you think the Storms and the Tour were good devices. Blackberry hasn't made anything exciting since the curve. And they're still not. and the palm pre----i mean the slider won't be either. Can't blame tmo for blackberry's lack of excitement

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    I have to say I agree. Also, the storm sucks IMO. The 8900 is very good. Minus the trackball. What is wrong with the 9700?

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