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Hello all you blackberry gurus. I am very new to the whole blackberry scene and ... General Blackberry forum

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    newbie question 7520


    Hello all you blackberry gurus. I am very new to the whole blackberry scene and have a couple of questions. Even though I am new to this forum, I did at least have the sense to do a thorough search without any results before asking. Just for reference sake, I have a 7520 through nextel with the unlimited blackberry plan. (that seems to be a common reply question)

    1)Is it at all possible to directly link my BB to other devices such as a digital camera? I was thinking there might be some sort of usb adapter that could handle the physical aspect of it, but even if they could be, would the BB be able to communicate and pull pictures from the camera? I was also thinking, there may be some sort of SD card reader available that could plug into the charg/synch port. This would be just as easy to pull the SD card from the camera and load it into the BB. The reason I ask is that there have been several instances at work where being able to send (via email) pictures of a current project would be useful without having to drive all the way home to link up to my computer.

    2)When I bought my blackberry, I was then using a Nextel I355. I just swapped the SIM card out, called up nextel and had them switch my plan over and everything seemed ok. However, now I get HORRIBLE reception on the phone end. I take that back. Once I actually connect, everything is clear, but placing a call or receiving a cal is a serious undertaking. At my house, where the I355 had a full bar signal, the BB is constantly fluctuating from full to none. It does this in cycles almost rythmically. And it is not just here. Everywhere I go, I get the same fluctuations (this is not normal fluctuation.......more like 5 seconds full signal, then instantly drop to no signal for like 10 seconds, then 5 more seconds of signal....and then repeat at same intervals.) And its not like I am in a rural area either. This is all in Atlanta. And the last time I tried to check my voicemail (because i apparently was getting messages from people who never rang through to me) In fact, since I have had it, I have never received a call except in the form of call waiting but in those cases, I am already on the phone. I had to dial at least 20 times before it would connect. My question is, could it be the SIM card? I heard that BB's use a specific SIM card and that regualr ones are not compatable. I have also heard the exact opposite. I just want to get my facts straight before going to nextel with this.

    Thanks in advance for any replies, and I look forward to being a part of this forum.

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    Re: newbie question 7520

    1) nope...i can't really come up with a solution cept to email them to yourself, then back out if you need them (place them in a saved folder)

    2) will let some sprint/nextel users comment

    welcome to the stacks

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    Re: newbie question 7520

    You may want to check out some of the third party photo solutions on handango:

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    Re: newbie question 7520

    ~via BB ( I am not a Sprint Nextel user but you should be able to use the same SIM card from the i355 in the BB. You already have the needed data plan.

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    Re: newbie question 7520

    ~via BB ( what nextel told me was that you need a blackberry sim card. I bought my phone off ebay and it came with it. I get better reception than my old I560. You can get blackberry sim cards on ebay for less than $10.

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