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Hi I'm new to blackberry and the whole blackberry world. Prior to purchasing my Curve ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question newbie needing calendar software help


    Hi I'm new to blackberry and the whole blackberry world. Prior to purchasing my Curve 8330 last week, I tried the palm treo for 3 weeks and just did not get along with it well. I love my blackberry but I did like the calendar and task list for the treo. I'm trying to find some software (free if possible), that can help me get my task done and maybe color coordinate my catergories for my calendar on my blackberry, my new best friend.

    Any suggestions????????

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    Hi there and welcome to PinStack!

    I don't know of any application off hand, but you've come to the right place to find out! I'm sure someone will chime in with something they're aware of or are using.

    In the meantime, check They do a lot of applications for BlackBerrys. There is also a thread here on PinStack for 3rd party applications that you could search to see if someone has asked a similar question.

    Good luck!


    ::EDIT:: There is a PinStack sponsor by the name of PocketDay that, while not a free application, might suit your purpose.
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    but wait my blackberry already does that stuff without a 3rd party app. i have multiple email accounts set up on my device and each is color coded differently. and i have task managing etc
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