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Ok. So I haven't been up to date with Blackberry devices in a while. I ... General Blackberry forum

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    New Upcoming Blackberries?


    Ok. So I haven't been up to date with Blackberry devices in a while. I was until they delayed the Bold like 10 times in the United States. So I stopped checking and reading any information on any blackberries for a while. So I went back to this forum, and there's like 3 new Blackberries in the news. Would anyone mind giving me a quick run down of all the new and upcoming phones there are? And for what service provider as well. Thanks.

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    Flip Berry - aka (Kickstart ) 8220 Pearl Flip Phone,
    Javelin -
    None Berrys
    HTC Dream
    those are the only 2 I care about :/

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    TMO - 8220 Flip, Javelin (like a curve with faster processor, more memory, higher resolution screen, 3.2 MP phone, etc.), HTC Dream (the Android phone, may be called G1, or something else.)

    AT&T - Bold, Curve 8320 (wi-fi)

    Verizon - Thunder (touch screen BB)

    Sprint - Curve 8350

    Those are the main ones that I'm aware of that are to be coming out in the next few weeks or months....
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    The Fizz - A BlackBerry specially designed to look like a submarine. On it's sides it has little tanks of Radio Shack Color TV Tuner Cleaner. It's designed to live through a complete water immersion - the sumbarine shape makes it float, and then when you pull it out of the - whatever - you dropped it in, you activate the tanks of Radio Shack Color TV Tuner Cleaner and they spray throughout the device forcing out the water. I found it on GurgleSplash dot com.

    BasketFone - A basketball shaped BlackBerry, the newest innovation in games for mobile devices. When you're bored, simply play some hoops with it. Ringtone is the San Antonio Spurs announcer saying "Two minutes - TWO MINUTES!"
    You can find it at Roundthings dot com.

    PicBerry - A BlackBerry with no phone, no email, no PIM, but only a 100 Mega Pixel camera. Saw it at Kodack dot kom.

    TableBerry - An entire dining room table with all the BlackBerry functions you've learned to love. Just sit at your Berry and enjoy lunch - if an email comes in, all you have to do is move your plate to the left. Move the plate to the right for phone calls and sms. Instead of kids saying "Daddy, why is that man talking to his calculator?" you will hear "Daddy, is that man crazy?"

    They were going to introduce a model called the ShoeBerry, but Maxwell Smart threatened to sue . . .

    And the DentureBerry, but the screen would have been too hard to see.
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    ~via BB ( I am roflmao!!! Too many berries to choose from.

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    TP2 :D
    Not really, just aim your interest at the 4.6 OS ones. Javelin, Pearl 8220 Flip and the BOLD.

    T-Mobile Curve 8320 - OS Beta!


    ~via BB (

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    table berry is my pick!
    lighten's too short

    my favorite cydia apps and hacks

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