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    network settings...


    i need help.... i have a 8120 on apn is set to i also tried the epc setting too ive downloaded opera mini and it is set to use a socket connection i also tried the http setting and it will not work ive uninstalled and reinstalled several times but i can not get it to work...i have google voice and that works fine i have smartguard and that works fine over the wap.voicestream apn setting i have..when i download opera mini i allow it to set the permissions itself..ive installed over wifi and ive downloaded to pc and installed through dm and still the same problem it tells me to check my network settings...any and all help will be greatly appreciated...oh im using or attempting to use a web2go plan...thanks in advance would wiping the phone and reinstalling the os help?

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    That sounds correct. You can find additional settings here:

    Before wiping make sure you have the latest OS installed on your Pearl. The later release have better network control and connectivity performance.

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