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Does anyone know what net_rim_bb_itadmin.cod is for? I upgraded my 8700 to from .309 ... General Blackberry forum

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    Smile net_rim_bb_itadmin.cod


    Does anyone know what net_rim_bb_itadmin.cod is for?

    I upgraded my 8700 to from .309 and noticed this file wasn't in /java as well as the .alx file, but was in the .309 stuff.

    Copied it over and edited the .alx file and got an error during upgrade about that file (now why would I write that down) ;-)

    Any one seen this before?

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    Re: net_rim_bb_itadmin.cod

    Given the file name, I would think it has something to do with IT policies. Don't know what it does though.

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    Lightbulb Re: net_rim_bb_itadmin.cod

    I don't know either - but was hoping that it was an IT policy, and erased it from my device using the JavaLoader.exe program and the string command "-usb erase -f net_rim_bb_itadmin" and it didn't appear to actually do anything. My policy is still on my device and I still am not able to make any extra modifications because the policy is still in place.

    Are you trying to remove the policy?

    I support the devices at my place of work (Level II/III support) and just had a dud device that isn't wirelessly syncing, but instead an oversized pda right at this moment - syncing locally. I'd like to remove the policy so that I can edit the timeout rate and make other changes that it won't permit. I'd also like to get rid of the enterprise activation icon, but still digging for that answer too...

    I will be in touch

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