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Hi all. I am new to the blackberry 8703 family and I had a quick ... General Blackberry forum

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    Smile need some help!!!


    Hi all. I am new to the blackberry 8703 family and I had a quick question. I uploaded a few pictures of my new place to my phone and I want to send them to a few contacts who do not have a bb. When I go to pictures and click on the pic it only allows me to send to messanger contacts. Is there a way to send to other sprint subscribers who dont have a bb, and or do I have to download a program to be able to do this? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks, derek deleon.

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    Re: need some help!!!

    Sprint does not have MMS on their BB's, I miss it, I came from a 7100i that had the option.

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    Re: need some help!!!

    Hello Derek and Welcome to the Stacks. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

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    Re: need some help!!!

    does sprint assign their customers a number-like e-mail. Example t-mo has something to the effect of this: phonenumber@tmobile (something like that i forget) but you can put this in the to: list when attempting to write an e-mail. When you write an e-mail you should be able to have an option to attach a file and then attach the pic. this is only if sprint has the compatible system....try checking the sprint forum here as well

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