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I know that everyone will disagree with me on this but I also run a ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: Need Recommendation For Bb


    I know that everyone will disagree with me on this but I also run a business that has a large amount of emails and I also spend a long time away from the office. The best Blackberry I've found that does the job perfect along with all other needs is. A 8100 pearl!!!
    I know that most Blackberry users with the larger Blackberry do not rate the 8100 but believe me ! These when setup right are well a true Blackberry in every way.

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    Re: Need Recommendation For Bb

    Quote Originally Posted by texgasman View Post
    I Am Not A Bb Owner At This Tim, A Recent Purchaser Of Vz6800 (by Audovox) On The Verizion Network. I Am Not Real Compt. Smart Receive 50-100 Emails A Day And Run A Business At Home But Am Awy From Office Daily. Some Time As Long As 30days. The Emails Are Very Impt. To Receive And Some Have Large Attachements To Them. I Use Eaerthlink As Provider With Windows Xp And Outlook Express.

    Any Rec. On The Bb I Should Get?
    Help Please
    Be sure to explore the software you will need to purchase to be able to open/save attachments to your emails.

    And also, I know you say you're a computer newbie . . . but there's something you should be aware of if you're typing business emails . . . typing in all caps is normally considered shouting in both emails and forum situations.

    Good luck to you!

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    Re: Need Recommendation For Bb

    I Would Like To Thank Every One For The Recommendations. I Did Go With The Bb8830. So Far Still In The Learnig Curve But All Seems Ok. I Have Down Loaded The Disc "user Tools" Onto My Lap Top But Have Not Tried To Sync The Bb With My Laptop,yet?

    The 2 Main Items I Need Are:1. Email Addreses And 2. Some Favorites From My Web Fav. Sheet(not All Just 10-15 Sites). If Someone Would Tell Me Step By Step To Do Each I Would Be Most Thankfull.

    I Am Receiveing Emails Ok.apx 50-100 Per Day. Thus Far I Have Been Saving The Received Email Addresses Once Received

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