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I just bought a blackberry 8310 curve from ATT. I'm having some trouble configuring it, ... General Blackberry forum

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    Need help configuring my Black Berry


    I just bought a blackberry 8310 curve from ATT. I'm having some trouble configuring it, and would be very grateful for any help.

    1. I loaded all my contacts from outlook (6000), but now am having trouble finding my phone contacts. is there any way to set it up so that there is an icon on the home screen where I see only a selected group of contacts, or a way to filter the contacts in the address book?
    personal and business does not work because I can't go through all 6000 outlook contacts and set the all up to one certain thing.

    2. Whenever I have a calender alert, it pops up on both my phone and my computer. Is there any way to make it pop up only on the computer?

    3. is there any way to transfer certain emails from outlook onto the blackberry through the usb cable? I do not have the data plan.

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    Hey horoj124! Welcome to PinStack!

    Great choice on the device, by the way!

    Now for your questions:

    1. 6000 contacts?? Good Lord! Do you really know that many people? Do you have any free memory left on your device after all that? Seriously, there is unfortunately no easy way to group your contacts (especially that many!) so your kind of out of luck there.

    2. You can't do this en masse, but for each calendar event, you can go in and turn off the reminder.

    3. No, unless you have a data plan, there is no way to get them onto your device. Just curious as to why you'd get a BlackBerry without a data plan, though.

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