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Want to know if there is any kind of App to use as a workaround.... General Blackberry forum

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    My Company Disabled Texting on my BB


    Want to know if there is any kind of App to use as a workaround.

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    Google Voice comes to mind first. It doesn't go through normal SMS, but through a data plan. I would be careful however about installing anything that uses data or circumvents their admin policy. Especially if they don't have an unlimited data plan or are particular about the software on their devices.
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    You might have to rely on bbm.
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    Although Google Talk would work and of course bbm, I would probably do as pdxmatts suggests and carry a personal bb, if IT are disabling thongs they are watching over their system big time.

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    My sisters bf had this problem. He just emailed This only works if you know the person your textings service provider.

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    its there 11 digit number follow by at the end that is like getting sms as an email format on their blackberry text message. it goes through as email though... so when u send for an example it would be 1(234) in the compose email address. and it comes to them as an sms text. so ur using the internet to send sms text. its the same thing as sending it from text message to an email. it has to be @ ...

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