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I have the filters set up with my gmail account to only filter mail sent ... General Blackberry forum

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    Multiple E-mail Filters


    I have the filters set up with my gmail account to only filter mail sent to me or CC'ed to me and also to rule out the duplicate message issue.

    Now I want to add an additional filter to not send msgs with a specific subject. It doesn't seem to be working and I think it might be because the messages meet the conditions of the first filters (my e-mail address) and the last filter (on the subject) is not being evaluated.

    Has anyone had any experience with this type of issue and know of a good solution / workaround?

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    With AT&T, if you're on the BIS, you should be able to use a filter that filters out emails with certain words that you can choose (ie. Porn, sell, social, etc)

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    ask me
    Sorry, never used filters... Always had the nasty habit of wanting to manually see every single email and delete it at will...

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    The filter list displays the filters in the order in which they are processed. If a filter executes to allow a message before a filter executes to disallow a message, the message will still go through.

    When in the message list, scroll down to and highlight the filter you're using to disallow a message to be sent. Then click the Scroll Wheel or [Menu] button and select Move. Now, as you scroll, the filter will move up or down. Move it towards the top of the list so that messages that meet the criteria set by it will be filtered before they're allowed! Once you've placed it where you think it should work, hit [Enter] to stop moving the filter.

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