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    Multiple BB email accounts


    I have a BB for work and one for personal. I have a BB email account for each. I also have a pager for work. I do not want to walk around like I have a Batman tool belt. I pay for both and it is through BIS. is there anyway to put both BB email accounts on one BB so I only have to carry one if I am just going out for a little while. I tried to configure on BIS but kept getting an error. Is the account BB specific or can this be done.

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    Don't know... bumping for ya.

    Forwarding, maybe?

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    You should be able to forward the bb email address (I am assuming you mean the @blackberry email address) via your BIS website. You could forward it to your other BB.

    Ex - my email is forwarded to one of my gmail accounts so I have a copy of the email somewhere I can get to via PC if I need to for any reason.
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