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    Question Mother of all BIS Email issues


    To start off, I am the net admin at a company with 130+ BB users we have an exchange 2007 server running POP push to the Blackberries. We also have a failover solution so that if our internal exchange server is down for any reason a "holding" server picks up any email we have recieved during the down time. The problem that is ocurring is if the exchange server is down, anywhere from 3 to 12 hours, pretty much every BB users gets an "Invalid account" email sent to them, and has to manualy remove and readd the email account to get back up and running. Now I know that the path of email normally flows in the manner

    email sender -- exchange server -- Tmobile network -- BB

    And there are no problems, but when the exchange is down

    email sender -- "Holding server" ~~~ exchange server -- BB

    I am getting this issue, I have deduced that since the BB cannot validate the email account through the "holding server" for a period of time. It comes up as invalid. Also, if the exchange server is down and the "holding server" is not being used, this still occurs. Does anyone know of a way to change the amount of time it takes a BB to mark an email account as being invalid, does anyone know the difault amount of time before an account is marked invalid. Anyone have any ideas or cost effective setups that can help me resolve this issue?

    By the way, we are on the T-mobile network and have had large issues of having to resend service books to get email working. Is this a common problem/tmobile problem/RIM problem?

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    Re: Mother of all BIS Email issues

    Service books aren't an issue for us. We are, however on BES and I'd highly recommend that you look into it as well.

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