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For those of you who are on 4.5 and att (im sure that its the ... General Blackberry forum

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    MMS on 4.5


    For those of you who are on 4.5 and att (im sure that its the same for other networks), the MMS problem has been solved. I contacted ATT and they went through their normal "troubleshooting" items to solve the problem. After being on the phone for about 15 minutes they noticed that my pin for my curve wasn't registered (probably happened during the upgrade) to the media net network. He really couldn't explain it but whatever it was, it was fixed. Just give them a call and they should be able to fix it. I am now using the 4.5 beta (which is awesome, but was debating on going back to 4.2 because of mms). I would awesome that other carriers have similar procedures as att. Hope this helps. Now.. who can i mms... hmmm....

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    my mms worked perfectly as soon as i upgrade im on tmo

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    T-Mo is a different carrier. YMMV.

    I have the same issue with mine on AT&T. Just been lazy and haven't gotten around to fixing it. Thanks for the heads up on the solution.
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