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I have an 8703e on Sprint. I have fould that when I send a SMS ... General Blackberry forum

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    messaging services option


    I have an 8703e on Sprint. I have fould that when I send a SMS a copy is sent to my yahoo email address. I found under Options->Advanced there is a Messaging Services option. It lists the email address where a copy is sent. How do I eliminate this copy being sent to the email address? Should I change it to the BB email address?

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    I do not have Sprint and do not have this option on my 8830 through Alltel but if you have to place an address or some type of information in that box, then enter your phone number if possible. If you can, just delete it. You have the sent message on your phone so you do not need the copy sent back to you right?

    Maybe someone else will see this that has Sprint that didn't see it when you posted it 2 days ago and will add to this.
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