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On my 8320, it shows I have somehwere in the area of 160000 bytes free. ... General Blackberry forum

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    On my 8320, it shows I have somehwere in the area of 160000 bytes free. How can I free up more? I have deleted a few apps but that number doesn't seem to change! Do I need to free more?

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    If you have a data plan go to browser click on options, then cache and clear history, cookies and content cache, that usually frees up space for me.

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    Here's the check list of memory culprits:

    1. old email and sms. (it can add up to be a lot)

    2. Close down programs properly. Most people use the red end call key which only abandons programs leaving them to take up your memory. Use the menu to actually close them.

    3.mp3 as ringtones. You don't need an entire mp3 because your phone only rings for about 30 seconds. Cut down files to a smaller size using a music program.

    4. multiple programs downloaded. use the dm to store programs that you want to keep on the computer for easy install back to the BB at a later date. It's the best way to collect free programs and not loose them but keep device functionallity too.

    5. as CMangum said: clear out cache, cookies and history out of the internet browswer. most of this stuff is kinda useless to keep on the device.

    6. use your memory card to save music, pictures and files. If you don't have a memory card, get one. It will make life a lot easier with your device and you can keep all of your files handy and portable.

    Hope this helps!

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