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If you have not yet... Get that woman a Blackberry! ~via BB ( General Blackberry forum

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    If you have not yet... Get that woman a Blackberry!
    ~via BB (

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    just ask
    Ok I am going to give you advice from a women and wife. My husband had a BB long before I did and I use to get onto him for being on it all the time. It would cause argurments cause I believed he was more into his BB then me. I was so sick of it and we go all without talking cause he was on it. I'm a stay at home mom so when we get time together I wanted it to us time but couldn't cause he was on his phone. Well as you guys know he bought me one. It was my mothers day gift and I love it. We talk on bbm all the time. The best time is when we put our kids asleep we can talk without waking them up. So now when he gets on his I get on mine and we shut them to silent when we want alone time. So I say buy her one and it will help fix the problem.and if you get her one me and her van chat, lol. pin:31838356 ~via BB (

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    Yea i used too but i finally got her hooked on theme making so now its working better!! now we need another computer i maybe loosing my laptop. :cry:

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    This thread is too funny! I've offered to get the gf a berry, but she says she doesn't need email all the time. Guess who ends up googling stuff and downloading more games? Lol~via BB (

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    We don't have that problem. I had Treo then a sidekick, while he had the pearl I was being hard headed and not getting a bb pearl and I was envious of all the things he could do on his bb, so after I finally relized that the sidekick was more for our teenager I got my pearl and we are more then happy.~via BB (

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    ~via BB (

    Hehe the wife is sitting across the room sending me txt messages. We are in the middle of a Shaw internet outtage and she can't get on Pogo.

    I was in the middlw of downloading season 10 of Stargate SG-1 when it went down.

    Thank the gods for bb bold internet and PINSTACK for times like these... Oops, got another txt. Ciao for now!

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    My wife doesn't complain about the Blackberry. But then again I got her one too :-P She UNDERSTANDS the addiction.

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    I guess its different. My wife gets a ton of emails form work. ANd she has the skill of reading it and driving at the same time. Since we have our own vehicles, i never notice it until we go somewhere together. I complain about it and she stated, "Im a pro at this". I cant even do that, maybe at a light, but outside of that, no. She lives on her BB when shes outside of work, but not at home, she just answers her phone and checks her email at home.

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    I have the same problem. She complains that I spend more time on my BlackBerry than I do with her.

    I offered to get her one too, but she doesn't want one. She wanted an iPhone. So I spent the money on an iPhone.

    3 weeks and $550 later, she wants another phone. The iPhone is that bad. I wanted to say "I told you so", but I held back.

    I guess she is getting a Bold. So I will be out another $649.

    Damn, women are a waste of money.

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    My bf is always saying I'm always on my bb. Even when he wants to cuddle so what I did is show him all the new features of the new bold and convinced him to get a his and hers for our anniversary lol
    And he agreed!

    I sound like a guy I just realized haha
    ~via BB (

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    Got my wife the I phone so she thinks I love her more, and so she has something to play with
    BlackBerry Pearl 8110

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