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Dear friends, Does anyone know what is the maximum attachment size I can attach per ... General Blackberry forum

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    maximum attachment size


    Dear friends,

    Does anyone know what is the maximum attachment size I can attach per one email.

    I try to load 5mb, and it said "exceeding max size"

    I use bb bold version 4.6 up

    Thank you
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    That's going to depend?
    What type of email account are you using to send the email from. Yahoo or Google are both different (attachment limits) as is your BIS email account.
    Another thing to remember just because you can send it does not mean the recipient can recieve an email that large.

    Log into your BIS account and see what it says? Carriers differ in their restrictions.

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    I know that T-Mobile limits it at 2.9MB? IDK about AT&T but I would assume right around 3MB
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    From what I've seen, it varies between 2.9-5MB.
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