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I am having issues with Mass Storage after upgrading my 8130 to V4.5. I can ... General Blackberry forum

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    mass storage device issues after upgrade to 4.5 (stereos won't read anymore


    I am having issues with Mass Storage after upgrading my 8130 to V4.5. I can no longe hook the device to my home stereo or car stereo to play music. My computer does read the device. It is not my media card. I still have my old blackberry: the card shows up on both phones and computers. It is not my cables as they work with my old phone. I have also done all the obvious things like pull the battery and play with the media card setting

    This guy had the same issue though i never saw resolution:

    Any idea is appreciated! After upgrading the device software to version 4.5 earlier this week (BlackBerry 8800 with v4.5.0.69 (platform as proposed by T-Mobile and RIM Germany something has changed with the behaviour when connecting via USB as a mass storage device:

    Using a micro-SD card with 2 GB for some months now as a storage for MP3-Files which can be played with my Blue&Me system in my car. This is some kind of Microsoft Windows mobile platform (Automotive) providing playback of MP3-files etc connected via USB. This was never a problem with the previous software. It behaved as it should. Here is an example of what it previously did (taken from [FONT=Arial] id=3880&jump=true[/FONT]):

    "On your Blackberry device, you may or may not first see a message about insufficient current. It just means you can't charge your Blackberry with that PC USB port. Hit the escape key once (on your Blackberry device). You will be prompted a question : do you want to activate USB Mass Storage Mode. You can answer YES or NO. Answer YES."

    The message about insufficient current is important here because the Blue&Me system does not provide the current as proposed by USB-standards. Anyway after clicking this message/warning away the Blue&Me would recognize the mass storage and start playback.

    After upgrading to v4.5 there is no warning about current any more and the mass storage can't be recognized. I've checked both components: The B&M works fine with any other USB-devices connected, and the BB works fine with Windows after connecting via USB (presumably because there is enough current!). All standard settings in Options/Media card for enabling mass storage have been tested but without success.

    Hopefully someone whose genius far exceeds mine will help me with this. Thank You.

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    ask me
    Have you tried using a different 4.5 OS release?
    ~via smartphone

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