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Sorry guys I am sure this has been covered here somehow some way. But I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Management of Email.


    Sorry guys I am sure this has been covered here somehow some way. But I have not found my answers. I have my different emails set up to come to my Curve through T-mobile. As to the ones from outside e-mails they are going to my mailbox for the email and have the option to be deleted either just on the handset, or from the mailbox too. For my Blackberry mail its a matter of Delete or not. What I am wondering for ones I would like to get off my handset but refer to for the future can I attach my Curve to my laptop where I can, save, and deal with all the email in one place. I used to do something like this with mobile phone tools. Also in the event I can not use my Curve can I access my Blackberry email from the internet. Can the Blackberry email be set up with outlook or something on a web site like yahoo.

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    Re: Management of Email.

    not sure about a tool to get the emails off...i would just forward them to an email you have access to on the web? or also i save them on the blackberry. then if you need to refer back to them, you just go to your saved messages folder.

    the email addresses cannot be viewed on the pc...its blackberry only. (could a long time ago with an earlier version of BIS, from what i've read)

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