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After multiple hours of forum reading and google searches, I am more confused than ever ... General Blackberry forum

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    Mac OS, Blackberry and Exchange Synching


    After multiple hours of forum reading and google searches, I am more confused than ever (if possible). I have a BB Curve and a new Macbook using Leopard OS. I have VMware Fusion to run Outlook 2007 (and excel, word etc). I would like to be able to use the default Mac programs (Mail, iCal, Address Book, etc) and synch to my BB. We use a hosted Exchange (exchangemymail) to keep our Outlook appts updated between the office laptops and our BB's. What is a proven way to make all this happen on the Macbook? I don't want to buy Office 2008 for Mac (heard too many horror stories about new Entourage and lack of Exchange support). I know MissingSync and PocketMac say they will synch, but they need the USB connected (I want to stay wireless). Long story short, I would like to be able to continue wirelessly synching my BB to my laptop so that the calendar appts, contacts and mail are updated in realtime. So far, I am doing that by using the Fusion program, but it doesn't synch over to the Mac programs without any 3rd party programs. Anyone who has figured this mess out (and in a reasonable amount of steps - no upload calendars to plaxo, google, etc, then synch to this, then that, then click your heels three times......) please post a solution. Thank you to all who can help.

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    I'm using a Mac and a BB 8830 but I'm not doing all that you're trying to do as I sync through a BES.

    However, I wanted to let you know that I upgraded to Office 2008 & I'm running Leopard and Entourage & Exchange work better now than it did before. I have had zero issues and the two run seamlessly.

    Good luck with finding a solution to your other issues.
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    I have reported the issue to Blackberry Technical, there is at this time no drivers (that i am aware of) for the curve to sync with a mac. What i have had to do for customers is to sync an older bb, then using a windows device perform a backup on the old bb, then plug in the Curve, then restore. It sounds like more work than it is, but at least you get your phonebook in your new bb..

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